Video Marketing (Rezi Media & Stone Clinic)

Hey Jonathan!

As discussed in our prior engagements, here's a brief look at how I believe digital media can help grow The Stone Clinic. Below you will see anchor content on the left and micro content on the right.

Anchor content is the "main" story and micro-content is multiple pieces of content that can be distributed consistently over a period of time leading up the release of the anchor.

In today's online marketing world the lifetime of content is so slim (unless we leverage paid advertising). By consistently releasing content over a period of time you're staying top of mind.

Instead of releasing one video and hoping people see it, we should release 2 micro pieces of content for 3 weeks and then release the anchor. We could even accompany it with a blog post and drive people to your website.

Anyways, I know The Stone Clinic has plenty of amazing client stories and I'd love to chat further on how we can package those stories into digital media like you see below.



This is the 2-3 minute "story" video.

Moving forward the process would go like this... 

1. You tell me a client who's willing to share their story
2. I conduct 15min pre-interview phone call
3. Set filming date for interview (Film Day #1)
4. Set filming date for filming activities/sports (Film Day #2)
5. I share the downloadable files and we create an implementation plan.


These are multiple pieces of content extrapolated from the anchor content.

We can use these to release consistently to your audience on selected platforms to stay top of mind.

Our Audience

Here's the audience that was in the back of my mind while producing this...

- Prospective Stone Clinic clients. Other athletes who have been seriously injured.
- Olivia's personal network


Here's a screenshot of the clip I gave to Olivia to share to her personal instagram page. It got 600+ organic views.

We could do the same with future comeback stories where we have your clients share their spotlight feature to their platforms.