Create Awesome GoPro Videos Start-to-Finish

Create Awesome GoPro Videos Start-to-Finish


This course walks you through how to film and edit vidoes using a GoPro.

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  • Course Introduction
  • GoPro Example Video
  • What the Buttons Mean
  • Navigating your GoPro


  • GoPro Video Settings: Choosing Size and Resolution
  • GoPro Video Settings: Choosing Frame Rate
  • GoPro Video Settings: Choosing Field of View (FOV)
  • 5 Tips for Filming Better Footage
  • How to Delete Your Footage


  • Video Editing Software Options
  • iMovie Introduction
  • Importing Your Footage
  • Viewing and Trimming Footage
  • Editing Your Video
  • Adding Music
  • Adding Titles
  • Changing Speed
  • Color Correction
  • Exporting and Sharing


  • Thank You & What's Next
  • Contact information
  • Bonus Module #1
  • Bonus Module #2


"His clear and concise instructions made me feel confident when using my GoPro on my own and I actually shot content I'm proud to show to my friends and family! 

More than just GoPro footage, his course has been a segue towards my creative journey through videography and I can't wait to see where it takes me. I owe it all to Michael!"
- Cassie Cleave | Instagram @cass_cleave

“Michael’s instructions are clear and have helped me learn to create my own videos. I’ve produced videos for fun and even developed marketing material for my new company thanks to his training.”  

- Zak Batstone | Co-Founder, Z Shoes

"What impresses me most about Mike is this... He has a vision for each project and knows how to take my ideas, make them real, and make them the way I want them. He's set a very high standard for videographers and content creators. He knows his stuff."     

- Niyi Sobo | Former NFL Player & Founder ofIMNOTYOU


Michael Crocker

Michael Crocker


I created this course because over the past couple of years now my friends and family have asked a lot of the same questions about video production.

And... they all had a GoPro.

My goal here is to cover questions like, "What settings do I use? How do I start editing? etc." and provide other tips and tricks I've learned over time. Having gone through the process of figuring things out on my own I consolidated all of that into this course so that I can save you the time to try figuring it out yourself. I wish I had this course 3 years ago haha.

A little more about me...
I'm a videographer from Northern California. I spent four years of college at a small liberal arts school in the midwest where I found a love for videography and have produced video for over 6 years now.

My work has been featured on ABC, NBC and the Huffington Post and I've helped his clients gain national attention with my videos.

I've produced literally 1,000's of videos for clients like professional athletes, national organizations, established entrepreneurs and been asked to travel to places like Peru to film.

I literally knew nothing about video production and never studied it in school, but knew I wanted to pursue it. It was too fun and a lot of people needed it for marketing themselves.... so, after graduating with no job, I decided to leverage Indiegogo's crowdfunding platform and raised a couple thousand dollars for video equipment. The Indiegogo campaign page is still up and can be seen ➝ here.

I want to help people like you get started with video because I know it can be done without going to an "official video production class." There's nothing more fulfilling than creating something and sharing that experience with others and to be able to teach others to do the same makes it that much more awesome.